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OM Engineering specialises in the design and supply of custom-designed formwork systems, ranging from building, bridge and industrial tank jump forms to major temporary works projects.



OM Engineering Press release, Friday 23rd April 2010.

By OM Engineering
April 24, 2010
Barrow Island, W.A. ---
Gold Coast based company OM Engineering has been awarded the supply contract for a major formwork system on the Gorgon LNG project in Western Australia. OM Engineering specialises in custom designed formwork systems, ranging from building and bridge jump forms to major temporary works projects.
The contract includes design, fabrication, delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment that will be used to construct two 85m diameter Liquefied Natural Gas Tanks (LNG).
The client, Chicago Bridge and Iron (CBI), is constructing the tanks as part of the Gorgon LNG Project, currently under development by Chevron Oil Company.  
The tanks are located on Barrow Island, approximately 90 kilometres off the North West Coast of Australia. This island has one of Australia’s most sensitive eco systems and environmental concerns are a major consideration throughout the project. OM Engineering will work closely with CBI to ensure that the company satisfies the stringent environmental controls on the project.
 The movement of materials and equipment to the Island presents a major quarantine challenge, because one of the key environmental concerns is preventing the introduction of Non Indigenous Species (NIS) onto the island. A project of this scale requires the movement of an enormous amount of materials and equipment to the island over a short period of time. Each shipment has to be carefully cleaned, packed and fumigated to ensure that it is completely sterile.
Furthermore, Leatherback Turtles breed on the beaches close to the tank site.  Artificial light can confuse the migrating turtles and cause them to become disoriented, posing a risk to the breeding colony.
OM Engineering Company director Oliver Mork say’s ‘CBI carried out a very detailed review of our proposal because of the stringent project environmental requirements.  However, this type of approach fits with our corporate commitment to achieving the highest standards of health, safety and environmental protection of our staff, our client’s and the local communities in which we operate”. 
OM Engineering Press release, Friday 23rd April 2010.