OM Engineering



Gateway Upgrade Project

Brisbane, Australia
Construction of balanced cantilever concrete bridge (main span 260m) and approach viaducts.
Leighton Abigroup Joint Venture
Design and supply of two crane picked form systems for the construction of 15no. approach piers, ranging in height from 12.4m to 44.8m. To meet the schedule, OM Engineering supplied 6m high steel forms, externally stressed to avoid the use of form ties. Design and supply of jacking equipment for 2no. 120 tonne self climbing form systems for the main piers and entire pier-heads of the bridge (height 57m). OM Engineering designed a 4 in 1 system, integrating the pier blades, soffit, pier-head and deck wings for each of the main piers.
Construction of piers started August 2007 and all piers were completed in October 2008, 5 weeks ahead of schedule.