Our Services

Specialist services for high-rise and bridge construction projects

Our specialist expertise in the design and delivery of customised self-climbing jump form equipment has led us to contribute to some of the world’s most significant high-rise and bridge construction projects in the world.

Our equipment is engineered for your success. We customise each solution to suit your project and to drive productivity. Manufactured from quality structural steel, it is designed for easy handling and maximum safety. It promotes high production workflows, resulting in improved profitability on site.


Our custom solutions include:

  • Self-climbing formwork and safety screens for buildings greater than 10 floors, including lift cores and all vertical walls.
  • Formwork systems for industrial tanks.
  • Self-climbing and crane-picked formwork for bridge piers of all types and complexity.
  • Major false-work and formwork structures on heavy civil projects, including pier-head systems, deck support equipment and more.
  • Heavy lifting solutions using hydraulic equipment.

Our Solutions

We provide high performance turnkey solutions for your specialist construction equipment needs. From day one we commit to work with you and remain at your side and hands-on through every project stage. We take the time to understand your specific requirements and any constraints or challenges you face and then we design and supply a unique self-climbing jump form solution for your project.


All design and detailing is done in-house by our experienced team. We control the whole design process, which offers you the advantage of assured accuracy and efficiency.

Our services include:

  • Conceptual drawings
  • Structural analysis and 3D modelling
  • Detailed shop drawings for fabrication
  • Independent design-check certificate
  • Design report and Operation manuals

Fabrication, Delivery & Assembly Assistance

All fabrication is done by our trusted fabrication partner, Norway Steel.

Our commitment to quality extends through the fabrication, delivery and assembly stages of your self-climbing jump form solution. Our team closely oversees its manufacture and ensures that it is produced to specification, without exception. We coordinate its transportation and ensure that logistics are fast and seamless. We support the initial assembly and installation, with senior technical experts onsite to manage the initial process and to train site personnel in the safe use of the equipment.